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Terms and Condition

By getting to this site ("Website"), you recognize that you have perused, comprehended and acknowledged these Terms of Use that represents the utilization of this Website. In case of you are not consenting to these terms and conditions, you are asked for by JMTIT not to get to the Website or download any materials from the Website. Your proceeded with utilization of/access to the Website or downloading any material accessible on the Website will be interpreted as your acknowledgment of these Terms of Use. JMTIT maintains whatever authority is needed to make adjustments, changes and modifications to the substance of this Website, including these Terms of Use, whenever with no earlier notice.

The Website may make data or material of outsiders accessible ("Third Party Content"). By getting to such Third Party Content, you may leave this Website and be coordinated to an outside site that is not kept up by JMTIT. Any entrance or utilization of such outsider site by you might be at your own particular hazard and duty.

Additionally, Website may give connects to outsider destinations. These connected locales are not under the control of JMTIT and JMTIT is not in charge of the substance of any connected site or any connection contained in a connected site. JMTIT gives connects to you just to your benefit, and the incorporation of any connection does not infer support by JMTIT of the site. JMTIT makes no guarantee or portrayal and does not embrace any such Third Party Content.


SNO.19/1/16 G7 Sonigarah Park, Yashoda Colony, Thergaon, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411033.

Working Hours

Monday - Saturday (9:00 AM – 9:00 PM)

Sunday (Closed)


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